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Buying a Yacht and Endless Adventures

For anyone contemplating the idea of buying a yacht, they are obviously living in a rarely inhabited world: the one where only those who have saved up or are very wealthy can actually afford it.  Unless the idea is to live life on the boat after buying it, or to lease it for yacht charter, the reality is that any yacht purchase is a luxury – like a second car that’s sporty and maybe a convertible and used exclusively on weekends.

But owning a yacht comes with bragging rights, and a sure-fire way to impress friends and colleagues.  Long and short yachting adventures can be planned in which close friends, families or even work colleagues will be invited to live the life of luxury for a period of time.  People can be picked up along the way of any route and dropped off as they reach their destination.  The yachting vacation adventures can be endless, not to mention expensive, but that’s just one of the things that goes with yacht ownership.  Many owners delve into it not quite sure what they’re getting into – but it looks fun.  One common piece of advice from yacht owners to potential ones, is to just get to be good friends with a yacht owner instead of buying your own.  That way you can enjoy the perks of yachting without the expenses and headaches that goes along with ownership.

There are many considerations in buying a yacht and it is important to take your time make the decision.But for many, the idea of having their own yacht is too great of an allure to pass up.  Half the adventure is diving in and seeing what happens, and more often than not it will have been well worth it.  For those unsure whether to take the plunge, get as much advice as possible from yacht owners on purchasing a yacht for sale and spend some time aboard one to make sure it’s the hobby for you.

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Yachting Around the World: Asia

Owning a yacht provides endless adventures. For those who partake in the fun that is yachting, a truly unique adventure awaits on the exotic island of Phuket in Thailand.  Nicknamed ‘Pearl of the South’, the island is surrounded by the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean and offers an array of spectacular sights not found anywhere else in the world.

For those who enjoy getting off the yacht as much as being on it, then Phuket and its surrounding islands are the places for you and is considered a favorite yachting destination.  The area is famous for its stunning beaches, seafood and scrumptious Thai food as well as being a favorite destination among yachting entrhusiasts.  One of the best activities is to island hop to small, uninhabited islands, which feature coves, bays and palm-fringed white beaches.  Spectacular waterfalls and amazing snorkeling spots await those who love to get into the water which is rich with some of the best tropical fish in the entire world.

The area around Phuket is also famous for the films that have shot there including ‘The Beach’ and several James Bond films.  Phuket has also become an ideal yachting destination thanks to the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta, which has become the biggest yearly sailing event in Asia.  The area has several marinas that can accommodate almost any size yacht, whether a luxury superyacht or a smaller yacht. along with local expertise and support for the out-of-town yachters.  Once there, enjoy some time in the beachside town of Phuket as well; it’s an area unlike any other in the world where a night on the town will be a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

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Great Yachting, No Sea Necessary

When it comes to favored yachting destinations, the first thing most people think of is sailing along one of the earth’s vast oceans.  But an ocean isn’t always necessary, and one of the best yachting destinations just happens to be a collection of lakes.  That’s right, lakes: the Great Lakes to be exact.  While oftentimes lakes are thought of as small bodies of water and not necessarily that deep, the Great Lakes are a major exception.  From shore, they can look as vast as an ocean and in some areas are easily as deep as one. An important consideration in buying a yacht is to consider if you will be spending time on a lake or these ocean as your needs will vary; however, if you own an ocean going yacht, you will be plenty prepared for a trip to the Great Lakes.

Much more information for yachting on the Great Lakes is available on line, but some highlights to look into include Mackinac Island on Lake Huron.  Sailing to this island is akin to entering a time warp of sorts, as the island doesn’t allow any motor vehicles.  Be prepared to get around by horse-drawn carriages or a simple bicycle.

Another popular destination among yacht owners and enthusiasts is on Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands which offer a landscape that includes soaring eagles, bears pine trees and hemlock; a true nature-lovers paradise.  If time is on your side, there are also the Thousand Islands, which are northeast of Lake Ontario on the St. Lawrence Seaway.  With so many islands (almost two thousand actually despite the name), there is much to explore that can keep yacht enthusiasts busy for days or even weeks.

Fishing is also plentiful in the Great Lakes for those yachters who enjoy the sport.  Like many fresh water lakes, salmon, trout and others are sure to be caught.  If looking for a break from ocean yachting, then check out the Great Lakes for all they have to offer for your next destination in a yachting vacation.

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Yachting in the Past

The history of yachting goes back to the 17th century when the first yachts were made with just enough room to house only a few men and a couple of months’ worth of food and supplies. This would include the use of fresh produce and hold a area where people could be confined should the need arise. The first yachts on the market were made to be fast and be seaworthy. They were perfect for unchartered waters. Today’s luxury mega yachts are different than the yachts of yesteryear

Besides the vessel being used for the sole purpose of exploring, the yachting vessel played a important role in a number of wars and battles. In previous years, the Dutch would use the yacht as a armed tender while the infamous battle of the blockade of the Portuguese ships was actually one of the most essential roles in the Iberian dominance during the spice trade in 1601.

Yachting for indulgence and pleasure came along a number of years ago when the Egyptian Pharaohs loved the splendor of the water and would travel by water to reach their destinations. The yacht back then is much different than what it is today. It would later be in the 1600’s that the joy of yachting would really surface.

Yachting came along first by the Dutch and would later on be picked up by people and enthusiasts in Europe. It is widely loved by various cultures because of the wondrous and natural aspect of the water. You should know that yachting is a passion for most and has to be enjoyed respectively by those who love to boat and yacht.

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Considerations in Buying a Yacht

There are plenty of things that you need to consider when planning to buy a luxury yacht. You do not only consider the factors of buying the yacht but also owning it. Fortunately you can alter the yacht according to your preferences and needs. But of course you have to make sure that the yacht that you are planning to buy works effectively for you and not the other way around.

The first thing that you need to consider is your budget when you decide to indulge in yacht ownership. Choosing the right size of the yacht depends on your budget this means that larger boats cost more than smaller ones. It is important to determine the time that you can allocates on the boat so as not to make the purchase seem worthless. With this you are getting your money’s worth in the end.

Once you determine you budget, it is time for you to pick out the size of the yacht for sale that you are planning to buy. Keep in mind that there are several considerations to consider when deciding for the size of the yacht. The first thing is to determine the people who are going to use it. The number of people who will use it is very important. If you expect the whole family to go on fishing trips, larger yachts for sale is the most excellent option. But if you are the only person who will use it, then smaller yachts for sale is best for you.

Another important thing to consider is how you plan to use the yacht and careful planning is important. Keep in mind that smaller boats are not designed for rough seas. If you are going to explore the ocean and have longer boating trips non deeper waters especially for deep fishing, then larger yachts are the best choice. If you are fond of fishing, you might as well settle for a larger boat in order to satisfy your liking to the activity right away because many boat owners are likely to purchase a larger one after owning their small boat.

It is always important to think about the maintenance and ownership if the yachts for sale that you are planning to buy. If you have a dock in your house, you do not have worry about the storage of the yacht. But if you do not have any dock in your house, you have to dock your yacht in the marina and doing this can cost you an additional expense. When buying yachts for sale, you have to make sure that you are financially ready not only with the parking but also with refueling it and motor maintenance as well.

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John Rosatti, Charisma in the History of Yachting

It has taken a considerable amount of effort for John Rosatti to reach the pinnacle of his trade. His efforts have paid off, because he made a mark on yachting history with the launch of his first luxury yacht, Executioner-35ft Cigarette, in 1978. Since then, his endeavors have seen nothing but success.

For a long time, even before he started his own venture, John Rosatti played a secondary role to several yacht owners. His drive and determination finally led to the start of Millennium Super Yachts, in collaboration with his old friend John Staluppi. He gained global recognition after achieving outstanding success in this venture.

With a keen eye for detail, John Rosatti chose Christensen Shipyards to commission the construction work. He undertook the designing and construction of the 157-foot yacht, which includes luxuries of every nature. Christensen built Rosatti’s Nice ’n Easy, which turned out to be an instant hit in the boating industry.

Impressed with the work of Christensen Yachts, John Rosatti commissioned more cruiser construction tasks to them. Eventually, they made another hit with custom 160-foot trideck. He made a variety of boats, including smaller ones that are no less luxurious. The smaller boats are generally used for business purposes, such as transportation of goods, short trips and fishing. Among the smaller boats, Fountains and Marlagos are the best known boats.

Each boat of John Rosatti is classy and distinct from all other boats of their kind. His yachts withal have the best navigation systems, to avoid obstacles and ensure the safety of everyone on board. The use of marine navigation GPS is helpful during times of heavy rain and fog. When the vessel has a good marine navigation GPS installed, it is easier to evade potential dangers and keep the boat in a steady position. John Rosatti’s yachts have exemplified the requirements for making a good yacht, and his boats are a reflection of his success.

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John Rosatti’s Indulgence in Yachts

In the history of yachting, it is widely known that John Rosatti is fascinated by yachts. He owns the super luxury yacht Remember When, built by Christensen Shipyards, makers of Nice ’n Easy, also owned by John Rosatti. His close association with Christensen is clearly illustrated in his repeat business for the fourteenth time.

The exteriors are stylishly designed by naval architects, which features a full shear embankment that is raised forward. It has a swimming deck, extended sundeck, and a 19’ jet tender. Remember When boasts vertical windows while Nice ’n Easy is marked for its raked windows.

This mega yacht is a personification of elegant interiors, designed by Carol Williamson & Associates. However, the interior woodwork was planned by Christensen, which features a walnut styling with a black high-gloss finish. With six spacious cabins, four cabins are solely allocated for guests. The other two cabins are the VIP and owner’s cabin.

The yacht is designed to reach a maximum speed of seventeen-and-a-half knots, with twin engines of 4000 series, MTU 12V. Thus, the special speed features ensure extraordinary speed when compared to the regular comfortable cruising speed of twelve knots. Tops notch GPS navigational equipment provides reliability and safety. Ocean Yacht Systems and the Navy’s maneuvering and control systems are responsible for installing comfort and safety with the Positioning with Dynamic Hold at Anchor system.

For accurate routing purposes, the boat has bow sonar, two infrared cameras which demonstrate a screen split for a 180 degree view, one X band radar and two radars at S band for the range of 96 nautical miles range. Two TV satellite dishes and one internet satellite dish provide unlimited access to TV and internet. The diligence of John Rosatti has never left any detail of construction unaddressed, making this yacht distinctive among other yachts within the same category. Walnut wood is used in the making of walls and cabinets, with additional inlay of exquisite marble and stonework.

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Travel the World in Sailing Yachts

When people talk about yachts, they are usually referring to the motorized cruising or the racing types, and seldom of the sailing types. However, yachts have gained popularity, and they are generally of two types, power and sailing yachts. In the market, there is a huge selection for both types.

Normal yachts start at about 32 feet in length, but their heights may vary, some of them reaching up to hundreds of feet. However, compared to super yachts and luxury liners, this length is insignificant. Super yachts are longer, starting at around 200 feet.

The origin of yachts can be traced back to the Dutch sailing vessels, mostly owned by pirates. It is surmised that Charles II popularized the yacht as a sailing vessel for transporting important people. From this, the yacht has progressed to carrying people or cargo, and powered by engines or sails.

Until the middle of the twentieth century, yachts were primarily made of steel or wood. However, the material used to make the yachts vary nowadays, and range from aluminum, to steel and also to fiberglass. Modern products like plywood are also often used in the construction of yachts.

There are several types of sailing yachts in existence today. Day sailing yachts are one variety and in accordance with their name, are not used for overnight journeys and hence tend not to have any cabin space. They are mostly for daily and hourly use.

Next is the weekender yacht that operates in shallow waters, has a cabin, kitchen and bedroom for up to 3 people. More complex in design are cruising yachts that are more popular for private use. These are spacious vessels meant to carry a number of people for long distances in luxurious travel accomodations.

Above this are the luxury sailing boats and racing yachts. Luxury sailing boats are generally more than 80 feet long, and contain amenities with luxury apart from the basic accommodation. These yachts are generally highly automated and computer controlled with the best in navigational GPS equipment.

Racing yachts are somewhat different from the above. Their main purpose is speed, and that is achieved by reducing the wet surface area that causes the drag.

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Luxurious Travel by Yacht

Traveling on the water is an enjoyable experience for anyone, no matter what type of boat you may be cruising in. But for those who prefer the best, a mega yacht defines luxury is the ultimate experience on the water.

The best luxury yachts are designed to offer a break from the norm luxury and relaxation like no other type of vacation could. Relaxing in a Jacuzzi or spa bath on deck is part of everyday life on-board a yacht and many vessels also have saunas and steam rooms for guests to relax in after a day at sea. On-board gyms are not uncommon, ensuring that fitness routines can be maintained while enjoying a vacation on the wide open sea. Luxury yachts offer an escape from the norm and include a variety of amenities to guarantee that those on-board can make the most of their time while traveling to a host of spectacular locations.

Interior design aimed specifically at yachts has emerged as a profession and the inside of most vessels is professionally designed to the owner’s unique tastes, like in the case of mega yachts Nice N’ Easy and Remember When, owned by John Rosatti. Granite counter tops and marble columns are not uncommon and wood paneling creates a cozy feel for those stormy nights. Plush carpets underfoot, opulent furnishings allow the interiors to live up to a yacht’s luxurious reputation. Entertainment systems, internet access, multimedia centers and every gadget you could think of are all common features on-board a luxury yacht, ensuring that guests are kept busy no matter the weather. These yachts have become far removed from the rustic explorer vessels they once were and offer every amenity you could need while traveling the open sea.

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John Rosatti and Classic Cars that Redefined Car Driving

John Rosatti is known around the world for his popular luxury yachts but his love for various other business ventures is not hidden either. He has a chain of restaurants, a successful auto group and is involved in various charity organizations. However, his passion for classic cars has inspired him to take up this particular venture of collecting. Interestingly, he has been very successful in this field as well. Just as his yachts define true luxury, many of his cars also belong to the higher price bracket and all of them have been designed with luxury and speed as the prime requirement.

The second generation Corvette Sting Ray is the most recognizable as the most classic of all the classic Corvettes to have ever hit the market. However this C2 series, from 1963-1967, is not to be confused with the earlier racer or the third generation Stingray. It is considered by several to be the classic American muscle car and one of the most powerful cars in the history of the Corvette. It is also admired for the stylistic originality and the powerful engines. The Chevy Corvette sting ray was conceived by William Bill Mitchell, and is a true sports car in both design and performance. This particular car has enjoyed almost a decade of being considered as the supreme classic car investment. Not that its standard has stooped down a bit, even now.

The C2 series has several stylistically unique features, including headlamps that can be retracted, pointed fenders, with a bulging hood. Many of these features have been borrowed from the earlier Stingray racer. However, apart from the design features that were borrowed, the Sting Ray’s engine power was upgraded and other performance modifications were made over the years.

The first Sting Ray coupe came out in 1963 with fuel injection system, independent rear suspension. In 1965, came the side exhausts, the 4 wheel disc brakes and the V8 or 396 cid “big block”. Of the C2 series, only the 1967 V8, the L88 472 cid 560 HP, however, is among the most prized. The Sting Ray was built stringently for racing, and only 20 were ever made.